Homag Vantech 480 V12 Pro CNC Router with Pushoff

a late model, well kept Vantech, w/ high HP and Unload conveyor! Smokin deal!!!!

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CNC Router (3-axis)

Manufacturer: Homag
Model: Vantech 480
Year of Manufacture: 2017
Condition: Very Good
Electric: 480 Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase
2017 Homag Vantech 480 with push off and conveyor.




4' x 8' Flat Table Bridge style gantry machine with grooved phenolic vacuum table

Working Area:  X (2,500 mm) 98.4" -  Y; (1,250 mm) 49.2"  -  Z; (243.8 mm) 9.6"

Max. material thickness;  (100 mm) 3.9"

Positioning Speed:  X = 96 MPM  -  Y = 96 MPM  -   Z" = 25 MPM

(2) Pneumatic locator/positioning pins

(2) Pneumatic Reference Fences 

Boring Unit; 1.5kw (2hp)  - (12) Independently controlled vertical spindles with (9) in X axis & (3) in Y axis.

Spindle;  13.4 HP (10 kW) High speed electro-spindle router with HSK F 63 adaptor; constant duty, variable speed from 1,250 - 24,000 RPM, RH or LH rotation.

7-Position ATC rack located at the LH end of machine.

Machine & Operator Control:  21”Touch screen, (Windows7) PC Front-End with WoodWOP7 operating system.   Machine movement controlled by, "BECKHOFF"

Tool Length Control

Vacuum Supply; 3 pumps w/ total capacity 324 m3/h


Push off Material Package

Automatic push-off of finished nested material – Simultaneously, dust extraction is applied onto the pusher bar, leaving table clean and ready for the new sheet of material.

Dust extraction from below, at end of machining table. It then collects from above the conveyor.

Automated Conveyor; starts and matches speed of push-off  Electric eyes stop the material at the end of the conveyor. When material is moved, the conveyor will start again and move more material until it hits the electric eyes.

There is an additional port at the end of the conveyor (pulls from the bottom)



























Shipping Footprint: 26 (length) x 8 (width) x 8 (height)
Weight: 8500 lbs
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Homag Vantech 480 V12 Pro CNC Router with Pushoff
Homag Vantech 480 V12 Pro CNC Router with Pushoff
Homag Vantech 480 V12 Pro CNC Router with Pushoff

Homag Vantech

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