2011 Weeke Optimat BMG 400/60/AP

No Options Remain! Full Complete CNC Processing System.

MA ID: PTP - 13742
Price: $142,500.00

Point to Point

Manufacturer: Weeke
Model: Optimat BMG 400/60/AP
Year of Manufacture: 2011
Condition: Excellent
Electric: multi Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase

Machine Description:

Machine Envelope

X Dim 5940mm/ 19.4 ft.

Y Dim 1550mm/ 5 ft.

Z Dim 150mm/ 5.9 in.

Pod System:

Automatic Positioning Vacuum Support Table System. 

6 Controllable Plastic Feeding Rails mounted on the consoles for easy
positioning of heavy workpieces

8 (X-direction) NC-controlled workpiece consoles (1550 mm); each
includes three (3) basic vacuum units to accept vacuum block pods

8 Rear Stop Cylinders

8 Mid Stop Cylinders

Spindles (Two Spindles)

(1) 20hp Liquid Cooled Ceramic Bearing HSK63F 24,000 rpm With C Axis 360 Degree Interpolation

(1) 12hp Air Cooled HSK63F 24,00 rpm C Axis Position Only

8 Position Automatic Toolchanger

14 Position Automatic Tool Changer

Boring Block

25 Vertical Spindles

14 Horizontal 8X and 6Y

90 Degree Swiveling Saw Head Postions 0 and 90

Programmable Inverter Driven 1500 to 7500 rpm

(1) Vacuum Pump 360 m3/h capacity at 60 Hz

PC85 Control System (Windows Based)

WoodWop Software

Cordless Barcode Reader

Centralized Auto Lubrication

Chip Conveyor Belt



Weight: 25000 lbs
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