Timesaver 2 Head 52” Wide Belt Sander

4300 Series Timesaver 2 Head 52” Wide Belt Sander

MA ID: SWM - 13125
Price: $27,000.00

Wide belt and drum (Multi contact)

Manufacturer: Timesavers
Model: 4321-45-01
Year of Manufacture: 2001
Condition: Very Good
Electric: 230 Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase
Timesaver Wide Belt Sander


1st sanding head 40 HP motor rubber roll 9 ½” diameter

2nd sanding head 30 HP motor rubber roll 6” diameter combination head with platen

3rd machine station panel brush

Capacity 6” x 52”

Feed rate 15 to 45 FPM

Belt size 52” x 103”

Digital auto part thickness adjust feature

Dual Positrak electronic abrasive belt tracking

Infeed safety stop bar

Shipping Footprint: 5 (length) x 7 (width) x 8 (height)
Weight: 2000 lbs
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