Timesavers CD2-300 3 Head Moulding Sander

Timesavers 12" Moulding Sander

MA ID: SPM - 13966
Price: $11,500.00


Manufacturer: Timesavers
Model: CD2-300
Year of Manufacture: 2004
Condition: Very Good
Electric: 230 Voltage 603 Cycle
Timesavers Moulding Sander


CD2-300 12” Width - Moulding sander

2- 12" Brush Heads - 0.75hp horizontal sanding heads (variable speed 200-1000rpm) 

1- 0.5hp Right Hand Vertical sanding head (variable speed 200-1000rpm)

1- 0.5hp Left Hand Vertical Sanding (Articulating mount) (variable speed 200-1000rpm)

50 MM spindles 

0.5hp  Power Feed

3 dust ports 

Push button magnetic controls


Shipping Footprint: 10 (length) x 4 (width) x 6 (height)
Weight: 1200 lbs
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