Timesavers 2300 Planer Sander

Great condition... all new knives

MA ID: PLS - 13500
Price: $35,900.00


Manufacturer: Timesavers
Model: 2300
Year of Manufacture: 2012
Condition: Very Good
Electric: 230 Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase
Hours on meter: 4339
Timesavers 43" Planer - Sander


Great condition seller just put NEW inserts in the planer head. Runs great purchased larger machine.


Parts capacity: Width 43" x height 5". 15" minimum length.

Planer head ;  30 HP with amp load meter and disk brakes. Indexable carbide knives (fresh set) spiral for longevity and noise reduction. Chip breakers are also featured. 

Sander head; 20 HP with amp load meter and disk brakes. Combination style sanding head with grooved rubber front pressure roller  and platen. 75" sanding belts

Infeed and out feed hold-down rollers.

Motorized lift (bed) w/(4) bed jacks.

Centralized control panel, digital thickness readouts  

Feed : Adjustable, up to 45fpm

Shipping Footprint: 8 (length) x 8 (width) x 8 (height)
Weight: 4500 lbs
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