2021 Supefici Mini Plus Spray Line with Laminar Oven

Super Clean Low use. Ready to ship

MA ID: FLA - 14128
Price: $150,000.00

Systems & Automated Lines

Ovens & Curing

Manufacturer: Superfici
Model: MiniPlus w/Laminar
Year of Manufacture: 2021
Condition: Very Good
Electric: 480 Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase

Machine Description:

Working Width 1300 mm

Max. Work-Piece Thickness 120 mm

Working Table Height 900 +/- 20 mm

Feed Speed 1-3 m/min Compressed Air Consumption approx. 1800 Nl/min.
(With 4 airmix guns)

Exhaust Air Volume 8000 m3/H

Infeed Roller Conveyor Length 676 mm

Outfeed Roller Conveyor Length 707 mm

Total Machine Length 3533 mm

Software upgrade with HMI for the Control of the Automatic
Sequence of the Color Change

10” HMI Touchscreen

In-feed and Out-feed Driven Roller Conveyor System

Central Belt Conveyor with Protective Paper Device

4 Air-assisted Airless Guns complete, (Kremlin AVX)

3 High Pressure Pumps, to Feed Simultaneously 4 Spray Guns, 

3 Fluid Pressure Regulators 

2 Recirculation Valves for 2 of the Pumps

3 Manual L Ported Valves

1 Flush Pump, 10-25 Kremlin

1 Superfici Pump Stand

3 "Closed Loop" Material Circuits (6 hoses) for 3 Different Coatings 

1 Open End Circuit (1 hose) For Cleaning Agent (flush)

Laminar Dryer 7.5M

Coveyor Driven Belt TT1 7500mm

Air System for Fume Removal

40KW Electiral Heating Coils for Drying

Weight: 15000 lbs
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