2019 Superfici Evo-Thinking Moulding Spray System

11.8" x 3.14" Capacity

MA ID: FLA - 14027
Price: $25,000.00

Systems & Automated Lines


Manufacturer: Superfici
Year of Manufacture: 2019
Condition: Good
Electric: 480 Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase

Linear Moulding Sprayer


300MM Width x 80MM Thick 

Multi-Axis Gun Mounting

3 Gun system allows for maximum coverage on a variety of parts

3 Guns and some plumbing included

3 CA Tech Air Assist Airless Guns included

Pumps NOT included

PLC Controller
Cleaning brush and compressed air blow-off removes dust and debris from parts before painting
Independent Gun Circuits

Equipped with two independent circuits for fast change between coating materials

Removable Trays 

Two bin system with removable trays from the front of the machine to easily manage different coatings

Stationary, automatic spray guns can apply up to five wet mils of coating depending on set up parameters

Clean "flash" tunnel (not heated) Shop made 

Tray Cleaning Cart

Factory Details:


-Equipment developed for the painting profiles/boards compatible in a

process of Spraying application, disposing of an automatic system, control

panel, sensor and automatic low-pressure guns that facilitate to paint with

economy the most varied shapes leaving the parts with a perfect covering.

-The automatic sprayer provides high material economy, as its automation

will only activate the guns at the moment that the pieces are exposed inside

of the painting compartment.

-This equipment can be run with several materials such as: varnish, waterbased,

UV materials, among others.

Constructive Form

-Reinforced structure built in carbon steel.

-It holds an advancement system for profiles, this advancement is done by

02 transport tables with rollers installed at the infeed and outfeed of the

equipment, still having 04 traction rollers installed in the middle of the

painting compartment, leading profiles to all extension of the equipment.

- In-feed table made with stainless rollers and out-feed table with "V"

rollers, all in hard plastic or nylon.

- 1 extra support inside each chamber to run 600mm length parts.

- Lateral side fences disposing of resistant rubber pulley with numerical

scale for lining up, also disposing of height adjustment.

- Equipment equipped with 03 painting chambers, built in stainless steel.

- At the configuration of this equipment its necessary to use double

membrane pneumatic pump(s) for material feeding, driving them to the


- Isolation hood for the painting compartment.

- Supporting rod of the guns built in 1020 steel and covered with hard


- System for fixation of the guns' pole, done by easy release clamps and

quick adjustment, with rotation.

- Control panel with speed variation for advancement system using a mini PLC for

activation of the guns and others movements of the equipment.

-Reading device assembled at the entrance of the painting chamber for

identification of pieces and activation of the guns.

-It has an exhaust system for residual dust coupled to the equipment,

also disposing of reservoir for re-using the exceeding materials.

- There's 1 labyrinth filter, 1 stainless steel filter and 1 paper filter.

- Equipment built to process profiles up to 300mm of width, and 80mm of


Air consumption: 10.30 Pcm (Each equipment)

Installed power: 4.41 Kw (Each equipment)

Measuring option – to measure linear feet sprayed

Piece counter – to measure # pieces sprayed (requires a gap between the

pieces to sense each moulding)

Required addition of linear encoder to machine

- The collection tray for the bottom pan inside the Sprayer will have a

format that will allow the product to accumulate in one area, and drain

via gravity to a pail.



10' VS Linear Conveyors w/VFD Control

Not included but available: https://machineryassociates.com/listing/14071 

Electric/IR Heated Dryer conveyor 

Not included but available: https://machineryassociates.com/listing/14072





Shipping Footprint: 144 (length) x 83 (width) x 84" (height)
Weight: 3500 lbs
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