2007 Superfici Magnum Twin Arm Dual Servo Spayer with cleaning trolley and material recovery system

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Manufacturer: Superfici
Model: Magnum 2.2.2
Year of Manufacture: 2007
Condition: Good
Electric: 230 Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase

Automatic through feed spraying machine with 2 reciprocators
in a large size pressurised booth with one combined
self-cleaning and reclaiming device for the overspray on the
Machine arranged for installation of one additional lacquer
reclaiming unit.
Main technical data:
Total machine length 5.680 mm
Total machine width 3.980 mm
Total machine height 2.800 mm
Distance between reciprocators 1.780 mm
Conveyor speed 3 - 9 m/min

Working height 900 +/- 20 mm
Installed power 22,6 kW
Compressed air connection 6 bar
Air consumption (indicative value with 12 airmix guns) approx
2.800 Nl/min
Exhaust 9.500 mc/h
Control side: Right hand (unless otherwise specified)
Colour: RAL 9002
The machine consists of:
In-feed roller conveyor with inverter controlled drive motor;
photocell reading bar system for the detection of the
dimensions, position and shape of the incoming work-pieces;
Technical data:
Conveyor length 1.450 mm
Working width 1.300 mm
Roller diameter 64 mm
Roller pitch 125 mm
Reading accuracy: 10,4 mm
Belt conveyor in the spray area
Closed belt conveyor system mounted on a open structure for
easy removal and maintenance of the belt.
Belt conveyor in special material able to work with all kind of
paint and stains.
Transparent cover on the outfeed extension of the conveyor.
Patented combined lacquer recovery system, with two units of
steel chromium plated rollers and cleaning blades, for recovery
and cleaning of the conveying belt mounted on trolley.
Feed speed adjustment through inverter controlled drive motor.
Technical data for the conveyor:
Conveyor length 4.230 mm
Belt width 2.000 mm
Spraying width 1.600 mm
Useful width 1.300 mm

Lacquer application system with double reciprocator, driven by
brush-less motor and sliding on precision guides. The two
reciprocators are mounted over the filtering roof to prevent any
dust contamination.
Two spray arms, each one equipped with guns holder
through the roof move cross-wide the spray area.
Three high pressure paint circuits (with possibility to install up to
six paint circuits).
Technical data:
Motor power 9 kW
Reciprocator stroke 2500 mm
Reciprocator max speed 27 cycles/min.
Large size pressurised spray booth in welded and painted steel
framework, with access doors to the spray room on both side.
High performance pressurisation system consisting of
pre-filtering unit, two centrifugal blowing fans, distribution
plenum and filtering roof inside the cabin for fine cleaning of the
Exhaust system with sequence of double stage dry filters and
exhaust ventilator.
Inverter control of the air inlet ventilators to adjust the booth
Flameproof lighting system inside the spray cabin.
Machine executed according to the European norms, suitable to
be used with solvent-based lacquers.
The correct use of the machine allows to keep the area with risk
of explosion (Zone 2) inside the machine.
Electronic control on PC placed on control cabinet withsupporting no. 8 spray guns (guns not included in the supply),

Windows-based software.
Operator-friendly graphic interface for the setting of all working
parameters and machine parameters.
Easy manage of the machine by production report, diagnostic
and trouble shooting procedure.
Different machine set-up can be saved on the hard-disc as
working programs.
Independent control of each spray gun, for the individual set-up
of the gun opening/closing in agreement with the conveying
speed and the size/shape of the panels.
The electronic control is mounted on the control switchboard
(non Eex-execution), which includes all necessary electrical and
electronic components for the functioning of the machine,
including 6 meters of connection cable to the machine.
7651 One set of additional gun holders with quick change device type
"SUPERFICI" (patended).
7650 One set of quick change device for gun holders type
"SUPERFICI" (patented).
7619 Additional combined lacquer recovery and belt cleaning system
blades, mounted on trolley.
Including all electrical and pneumatical controls.
7675 Modem + PC anywhere for the remote control with two units of steel chromium plated rollers and cleaning


Shipping Footprint: 157 (length) x 223 (width) x 110 (height)
Weight: 6000 lbs
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