2018 Makor Q-One 1300 with Pumps and Guns

Fully Complemented Spraying System. Comes Complete with 35K in Accessories from Pumps, Guns and Agitators. Very Well Maintained!

MA ID: FLA - 14118
Price: $80,000.00

Systems & Automated Lines

Manufacturer: MAKOR
Model: Q-One
Year of Manufacture: 2018
Condition: Very Good
Electric: 480 Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase
Hours on meter: 536
Makor Q-One 1300 with Changeover System

Great Condition!!

Lots of extra accessories rebuilt or new in 2023 included.

Pallet of paper rolls included

System Description:

Spraying enclosure pressurized with filtered air via two intake fans

Internal air flow is adjustable by means of inverters

Paper feeding and re-wind are at opposite ends of the machine for easy access

Paper re-rewinding has a self-adjusting spreader to keep paper flat and evenly wound

Vacuum bed under paper conveyor has an independent blower

Touch screen PLC controller includes spraying recipes and production statistics

Guns & Pumps:

(3) Kremlin Pumps

(1) Pump Stand     

(13) Kremlin AVX Gun / Makor  

(3) Kremlin Fluid Regulator                      

(3) 5/gal  Graco Agitators  W/lid

Options Included:

Rapid coating changeover system

3 High pressure circuits with recycle

1 High pressure cicuit for solvent            

Standard Features:

Feed Motor Power;         0.75 KW

Exhaust Fan;           5.5 KW

Reciprocating Motor;       2.2 KW

Paper Rewind Motor;      0.18 KW

Vacuum Belt Motor;    1.5 KW

Feed Speed (feet);      3 - 20 f/min

Working Speed; 8 - 16 f/min

Paper Roll Diameter;    21.5"

Weight;  7,800 lbs.

Extraction Air;    7950 cfm

Pressurization Air;        3900 x 2 cfm

Full Load Amps;                48A

Main Fuse x Amps;          100A

Total Installed Power;    13 KW


The Q-ONE is a single arm oscillating spray machine utilizing 4 automatic spray guns. It is designed for finishing medium to small lots where frequent product changes or intermittent spraying is required. Q-ONE is also ideal for use when spraying glue or very fast-drying coatings. The conveyor is a self-winding disposable paper roll that eliminates the necessity for a belt cleaning system and the need to clean the machine between jobs. Simply flush the guns in preparation for the next batch of parts.




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