Bacci Master Jet 7-Axis Machining Center

A furniture-makers dream machine. This will mass produce furniture parts as fast as you can load them!! $400k new!

MA ID: RC5 - 13549
Price: $158,500.00

CNC Router (5-axis)

CNC Router (3-axis)

Manufacturer: BACCI
Model: Master Jet
Year of Manufacture: 2014
Condition: Excellent
Electric: Multi Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase
Bacci Master Jet CNC Machining Center (7-Axis)


A machine that furniture makers dream about!! This machine is still under power for inspection.  Its almost necessary to see this machine. Very loaded up and super well kept.


Interpolated axes : 7
• Axis X = 3.600 mm. (3050mm pass through distance between the columns)
• Axis Y/Y1 = 2.200 mm. (2 independent axes)
• Axis Z = 830 mm.
• Axis C = +/-200°
• Axis A = unlimited

Operating Head; Single knuckle type “3Folding” equipped with N°1 Auto-toolchanging spindle

13,6HP/HSK63F + 2 manual toolchanging spindles 10HP/ER32. All spindles with ceramical bearings & Max.RPM 24.000

2- Electronic Inverters to control the rotation speed of the spindles

NC Automatic toolchanger on wheel with 8 tools pos (2 HSK63F cones included)

2- TGV Tables in steel tubular structure 1170mm wide each one equipped with 3 steel supports 750mm long

6- Pneumatic jigless clamps (tiltable and adjustable in height) with double rods (3 clamps for each table, one for
each TGV beam)
- Semi-Automatic positioning of the clamps (in Horizontal & vertical) managed by Pitagora software
- Manual Feeding (no hoppers)
- N° 2 Side fence with manual positioning through digital read-out
- Machine prepared for vacuum connection
- N°2 Vacuum pumps 165m3/h included
- N° 1 full digital Numeric Control “OSAI” + PC Office
- N° 1 air conditioner for electrical cabinet
- Programming by Optimizing & Anticollision check CAM Software PITAGORA (Bacci Exclusive)
- Teleservice through Internet connection

-Tools NOT included
- N°4 Special Tool Holder shaft BCK

Weight: 25000 lbs
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