JLT 79K-7-M Miter Door Clamp 38" x 97"

MA ID: CFD - 14040
Price: $7,500.00

Clamps - Frame/Door/Misc

Manufacturer: JLT
Model: 79K-7-M
Condition: Excellent

Large capacity Miter Door Clamp

38" x 97" Max Capacity

Maximum 9 inch deep clamping capacity

2 x vertical pneumatic clamps

2 x horizontal pneumatic clamps

2 way clamping pressure

Innovative JLT Dial Control System for fine dual pressure adjustments in both directions while the door is under clamping pressure.

Clamp and square stile & rail cabinet doors

Shipping Footprint: 116 (length) x 44 (width) x 70 (height)
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