JLT #190B-M3 Drawer Clamp

New JLT #190B-M3 Drawer Clamp – 10″ X 24″ X 36″

MA ID: DCL - 13356
Price: $6,000.00

Drawer Clamps

Manufacturer: JLT
Model: #190B-M3
Condition: New
JLT Drawer Clamp


10″ x 24″ x 36″ Maximum Capacity

Easy to Use and Intuitive Air System

Quick Adjusting Roller Carriage Eliminates Set-up for Faster Changeovers

Aluminum Side Pressure Plates Provide a Solid, Flat Clamping Surface

Dual Fast Acting Horizontal Pneumatic Clamps with a 2″ Stroke.


ALSO IN 12″ X 24″ X 48″ VERSION FOR $7,300

Shipping Footprint: 70 (length) x 36 (width) x 60 (height)
Weight: 1000 lbs
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