Biesse Roxyl 5.5 Edgebander

A well kept machine out of a beautifully kept shop.

MA ID: EBS - 13508
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Edgebanders -Single Sided

Manufacturer: Biesse
Model: Roxy 5.5
Year of Manufacture: 2014
Condition: Very Good
Electric: Multi Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase
Biesse Roxyl 5.5 Single Sided Edgebander



Edge thickness; strips (0.4 - 22mm) 

Edge Thickness; coiled stock; (0.4 - 3mm) 

Panel thickness; 10 - 60 mm (0.39 - 2.36")

Work piece width min.;85 mm (3.34")

Work piece length min.; 140 mm (5.51")

Feed speeds 10 - 14 - 18 - 20 MPM (33 - 46 - 59 - 65 FPM)

Machine Layout 

Motorized top beam positioning

Adjustable infeed fence

Pre-Milling Station "FL-502": (2) LH & RH Rotating NC controlled spindles with automatic center positioning.

Infrared Heating Lamp: Preheating workpiece edge to ensure best possible surface adhesion 

EVA (Hot Melt) gluepot, equipped with quick pre-melting 

Pressure Section: Servo controlled programmable pressure section with (1) large driven roller and (4) idle rollers.

End Trimming;  Front & rear trimming motors, swivel to 0° - 15° bevel, programmable pneumatic change

Rough Trimming (first set);   Top/Bottom pre- or flush trimming motors 

Fine Trim/Bevel/Radius Trimming; Servo controlled,  pneumatic pre-positioning of motors

Corner Rounding;  (2) Motor corner rounding

Profile Scraping; Top/Bottom 2-axis NC programmable knife positioning 

Glue Scraping; Flat, top/bottom, digital positioning indicators, pneumatic controlled positioning

Buffing;  Top & Bottom buffing motors with 150 mm (6") cloth buffing wheel. fully adjustable

Hot air blowers

Overhead belt hold down

Centralize lubrication system

External multitap transformer

Shipping Footprint: 24 (length) x 5 (width) x 6 (height)
Weight: 7000 lbs
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