SCM S520 20" Planer

A super clean machine. 4 knife cutter head and 10hp The SCMi planers are highly sought after

MA ID: P1S - 13422
Price: $6,800.00

Planers - Single Sided

Manufacturer: SCM (SCMI)
Model: S520
Year of Manufacture: 1998
Condition: Very Good
Electric: 230 Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase
SCM S520 Single Sided Planer


Working width: 520 mm
Planing height min.: 3 mm
planing height max.: 250 mm
Power: 10hp
Type of knives: Straight blades
Number of knives:  4
Feed speeds:  6/10/14/20 m/min
Cutter speed: 4.500 rpm
Height adjustment: electric w/digital readout
Motor brake: yes

Weight: approx. 680 kg (1500 lb)


We have ordered new rubber bellows for the height jack screws. They will be included on the machine

Shipping Footprint: 5 (length) x 4 (width) x 4 (height)
Weight: 1500 lbs
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