2008 Biesse Akron 840 Edgebander

Biesse Akron 840 Edgebander With Transformer

MA ID: EBS - 13176
Price: $15,000.00

Edgebanders -Single Sided

Manufacturer: Biesse
Model: Akron 840
Year of Manufacture: 2008
Condition: Very Good
Electric: 575 Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase
Biesse Edgebander


TS-10 Touch Screen Controller

LCD Color Display

Windows CE Operating System

VC-710 Tekno – Glue System

Glue Unit w/Auto Heat Reduction

Pre-Melt Unit

NC Controlled Pressure Beam

Infrared Heating Unit

Automatic Feeding System for Coiled or Strip Material

Anti-adhesive Unit w/NC Control

Pre-Milling Unit with NC Adjustment

Front & Rear End Trimming Unit with Tilt

Top & Bottom Trim Units w/Pneumatic Exclusion

2 Motor Top & Bottom Corner Rounding Units

Top & Bottom Scraping Unit w/Pneumatic Exclusion

Top & Bottom Buffing Unit

Min. Panel Thickness 10 mm

Max. Panel Thickness 60 mm

Height of Edge-Band Material 14-64 mm

Min. Banding Thickness 0.4 mm

Max. Banding Thickness 15 mm

Min. Panel Length 140 mm

Min. Panel Width 50 mm

Feed Speeds 10-14-20 m./min

Shipping Footprint: 20 (length) x 4 (width) x 6 (height)
Weight: 4500 lbs
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