Biesse Stream A 6.0 w/ Winner W4 Return/Stack System

A rare to the market machine. This low hour machine is $480,000 new!! Just serviced and installed fresh PUR rebuilt gluepots.

MA ID: EBS - 13624
Price: Call For Price

Edgebanders -Single Sided

Manufacturer: Biesse
Model: Stream 6.0 w/Winner W4
Year of Manufacture: 2018
Condition: Very Good
Electric: Multi Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase
2018 Biesse Stream A 6.0 with Winner W-4 Return/Stacker System


This system is currently selling new at $480,000! 

System was de-commissioned by Biesse. The machine was a repossession and has sat in storage since 2019, due to litigation and (COVID). It has moved to our Hudson, NH facility for cleaning and the install of newly rebuilt Gluepots. The machinery will be available Sept 15. We will have new photos at that time.

Biesse "Stream A 6.0" with Winner "W4" Stacker and Return System

Biesse "Stream A 6.0" Edgebander

     10 - 60 mm panel height

     10 - 35/60 mm panel height with corner rounding (depends on profile)

     14 - 64 mm edgebanding height

     0.4 - 3 mm coiled banding thickness

     0.4 - 22 mm strip banding thickness

     25 mm panel protrusion from track

     140 mm (5.5") minimum panel length

     95 mm (3.7") minimum panel width (150 mm length)

     70 mm (2.8") minimum panel width (250 mm length)



     Bottom feed track, (Variable speed 12/18/20/25 mpm) 

     Top pressure belt

     Motorized positioning of top beam

     PC control (Dell)

          Smart-Touch 21.5 numerical control

          Windows operating system

          Sintra HD software

          21.5" color monitor

          Standard keyboard and mouse

          Integrated hard drive, USB port

     Two (4) position edgebanding magazine additional to the traditional "Pie Plate"

     Automatic edge feeding systems for coils or strips

          3 mm maximum coiled banding thickness

  Lighted sound enclosure

     Outboard roller support

     Automatic lubrication system


Stream Layout; 

     Infeed fence with panel spacer w/on-screen adjustment

     Premill unit with two (2) motors 4.7 HP, 12000 rpm ea.) 

     Guillotine for cutting coiled banding

     Anti-adhesive unit

     Infrared heating lamp

     Tekno glue system with roller

          Pre-melt hopper for PUR adhesive

          Quick-change glue pot, 6.6 pound capacity

          Bi-directional glue roller

            Dual thermostat

          Automatic temperature reduction when machine is idle

          Compatible with EVA or Polyurethane adhesives


     Pressure unit

          One (1) driven roller

          Five (5) idle rollers, 60 mm/2.4" diameter


     Two (2) motor end trim unit (High Speed option) 

          0.8 HP, 12000 RPM

          0 - 25 degree vertical incline, automatic rotation

          Three (3) pneumatic positions


     Top/bottom rough trim unit

          12,000 RPM

          Can be tilted up to 1 degree

          Two (2) position pneumatic exclusion

          Four (4) NC axes driven by brushless motors and ball screws


     Top/bottom fine trim unit

          12,000 RPM

          0 - 45 degree tilt

          Pneumatic exclusion

          Pro Nest

     Lubrication unit to enhance corner rounding finished appearance


     Two (2) motor corner round unit

          12,000 RPM

          NC adjustment

          Pneumatic exclusion


     Top/bottom profile scrape unit with external collection box

          NC adjustment

          Pneumatic exclusion

          Pro Nest


     Top/bottom flat scrape unit

          Pneumatic exclusion

          Air blowers


     Top/bottom buff unit

          0.5 HP, 2800 RPM


      Misting unit

     Hot air blower

    Comes with; Multitap electrical transformer


Biesse "Winner W4" Stacker

     2,500 mm/98" maximum panel length

     250 mm/9.8" minimum panel length

     1,000 mm/39.3" maximum panel width

     100 mm/3.9" minimum panel width

     60 mm/2.4" maximum panel thickness

     10 mm/0.4" minimum panel thickenss

     154 pound maximum weight

     10 cycles/min. for panel returning

     8 cycles/min. for panel stacking

     800 mm/31.5" maximum stack height (on pallet on floor)

     Overhead pneumatic stacker

     Bridge support

     Aluminum plate with suction cups

     Transfer table with left reference

     Beckhoff PLC

     Safety fencing and photo barrier

     External electrical transformer


Return conveyor

     Belt return conveyor

          Two (2) sections

     Air floatation tables

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