Northtech NT-iGlue450 Automatic Dovetail Glue Applicator

NEW! Award Winning NT-iGlue450. Mess Free, Easy To Operate, And High Quality Results. Machinery Associates is a full line Northtech Dealer.

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Glue Spreaders

Dovetail Machinery

Manufacturer: Northtech
Model: NT-iGlue450
Condition: New
Electric: 230/460 Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase
Northtech Dovetail Glue Applicator


No setup required between different dovetail designs

No setup required between part sizes

No mess due to inconsistent glue application

Simply place the parts against the fence and the iGlue will scan, apply glue to either male or female side of the joint automatically, all with in seconds

Working width: 25.4 - 450mm (1" - 18")

Working thickness: 6 - 50mm (1/4" - 2")

Working length minimum: 100mm (4")

(3) Programmable Working Speeds

Maximum operating speed: 1.4in/s

Siko counter fence for 0-2" depth setting

Removable glue catch basin

Replaceable no drip glue nozzle

Glue pot on an internal cart system that pulls outside the machine for easy access

LED illuminated working area changes color based on work mode

Automatic sleep mode will place the nozzle into a water bath after a few minutes without use to keep glue tip fresh

Auto cleaning mode flushes glue out of system easily

Single pneumatic connection with FLR included

Easy smartphone integration for detailed parameter adjustments and maintenance

Glue reservoir: 10L Adjustable pressure glue pot included

Optional Water reservoir: 4L Adjustable pressure water pot not included

Recommended glue type: Water soluble PVA glue 8,000mpa s @ 60-80°

Tool box and manual included

One year parts warranty

Shipping Footprint: 42 (length) x 21 (width) x 49 (height)
Weight: 450 lbs
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