Butfering Super 213ML Planer/Sander

Butfering Super 213 ML Planer/Sander

MA ID: PLS - 13224
Status: Sold
Price: $17,000.00


Manufacturer: Butfering
Model: Super 213 ML
Year of Manufacture: 2001
Condition: Very Good
Electric: 230 Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase
Butfering Planer Sander


53" Capacity

Switch Between Inches Or MM

6 Inch Minimum Height Capacity

Rise And Fall Adjustment

1st Head: 40 HP Helical Cutter Head (50mm radius)

2nd Head: 28 HP Combination Head, Grooved Spiral Drum With Grit Compensation (multiple speeds, platen rise and fall, drum rise and fall, speed adjustment)

Conveyor on/off with Speed Adjustment

Dust Brush 

Air Bladder Platen with a timer

Soft Start for Planer




Shipping Footprint: 8 (length) x 8 (width) x 8 (height)
Weight: 5000 lbs
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