Northtech NT-DTM480 Semi Automatic Dovetailer

New Northtech Semi Automatic Dovetailer, 21,500RPM 2HP single spindle. Machinery Associates is a full line Northtech Dealer.

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Dovetail Machinery

Manufacturer: Northtech
Model: NT-DTM480
Condition: New
Electric: 230 Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase
Northtech Dovetailer


21,500RPM 2HP single spindle dovetailer

3 cycle speed selection for fine tuning of any product

(4) individually operated pneumatic clamps

Quick return button allows for the immediate return of the head without
limit switch on rear on machine for varying width parts

Dual work stations for 2X production of matched sets

Massive 1,000lb construction ensures maximum durability and vibration free cutting performance.

Thickness of material 7 ~ 60mm (5/16" - 2.25")

Height of tenon 6 ~ 18mm (1/4" - 11/16")

Depth of mortise 10 ~ 25mm (3/8" - 1")

Cutter spindle vertical adjustment 30mm (1-1/8")

Maximum workpiece size (L) 1500mm x (W) 480mm (59" x 19")

Workpiece clamping cylinders 4pcs

Spindle speed 21,500 RPM

Spindle motor 2HP

Dust hood outlet 100mm (4")


Voltage Charge . . . $ 225

Shipping Footprint: 60 (length) x 40 (width) x 57 (height)
Weight: 1300 lbs
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