Nederman Dump Bin for S Series Collectors

Dump Bin for S-Series Dust Collectors S-500, S-750, S-1000

MA ID: DCO - 13811
Status: Sold
Price: $3,200.00

Dust Collector (5-10hp)

Manufacturer: Nederman
Model: DS89101011
Year of Manufacture: 2015
Condition: Very Good
Nederman 230 Gallon Dump Bun for S–Series Dust Collectors



230Gallon Dump bin for forklift for Nederman S-Series Dust Collectors S-500, S-750, S-1000

230Gallon Capacity

Increase your disposal capacity by 80% compared to plastic waste disposal bags
• Simple and quick clamp for easy connection
• Forklift removal for ease of use and increased worker safety
• Tilt design for easy waste disposal

Unit Dimensions:
70.5” L x 33.0” W x 36.5” H - Inside Width 29.0”

See our dust collector available to fit!


Shipping Footprint: 6 (length) x 3 (width) x 3 (height)
Weight: 650 lbs
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