Uhling HP-5000 Case Clamp

Uhling HP-5000 Case Clamp

MA ID: CF - 13112
Price: $20,000.00

Clamps - Case & Feed Thru

Manufacturer: Uhling
Model: HP-5000
Condition: Very Good
Uhling Case Clamp


98 ” long x 50 ” high x 36” deep clamping capacity: can allow for multiple unit clamping. Clamps cabinets in horizonal plane.

Three (3) counterweight balanced and two (3) side dual pod pressure bars.

Roller bearing mounted carriage with pneumatic locks and counterweight balanced horizontal carriage with pneumatic locks and motorized horizontal carriage positioning. Allows for the fastest set-up and changeover of any two axis clamp on the market including any and all automated clamps, very simple and easy.

Fixed cornered pressure bars: The four corner pressure bars are fixed reducing set-up and changeover time and increasing productivity, only the middle pressure bar on the top of the carriage needs to be manually positioned.

Two axis clamping: allows you to clamp cabinets laying down, first by justifying them in the corner, then by applying pressure down on the joints.

Timer controlled: allows the operator to easily identify the end of the clamping cycle.

Shipping Footprint: 134 (length) x 92 (width) x 48 (height)
Weight: 3100 lbs
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