Intorex CI 1500 Copy Lathe.

A beautiful machine with 0 hours of use. A school owned unit that went unused. PLC Controlled and fully optioned!

MA ID: LC - 12920
Price: $41,500.00

Lathes - Copy/Auto./Misc


Manufacturer: Intorex
Model: C!-1500
Year of Manufacture: 2014, 2013
Condition: Excellent
Electric: milti Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase
Intorex CI-1500 Copy Lathe

We have 2 of these left! One has a spindle cutting attachment!


This machine is a fully optioned machine with various center rests and Stock loading, extra tooling etc. 


PLC controlled

Max Turning Length; 1500mm

Max Turning Diameter; 300mm

Drive head motor Speed; 5000 rpm

Power head Drive Motor; 7.5hp

Hydraulic motor; 2hp


Comes with Blade sharpener  and rolling cabinet for accessories and tooling 

Shipping Footprint: 12 (length) x 5 (width) x 7 (height)
Weight: 5600 lbs
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