2015 SCM Sigma Impact 110 45 Beam Saw with Dual Pusher

Large envelope CNC Panel Saw from SCM. 110mm Blade projection, dual pusher with current software and touch screen!

MA ID: PNC - 12936
Price: $75,000.00 -or- as low as $0.02/mo.*
General Location: FL

Panel Saw - CNC

Manufacturer: SCM (SCMI)
Model: Sigma Impact 110 45
Condition: Very Good
Electric: 230 Voltage 60 Cycle 3 Phase


Machine Description:

Maximum cutting length: 4500mm (177”)

Maximum cutting width: 4300mm (169”)

Blade projection: 110mm (4.33”)

Main Saw: 25 HP 400mm (15.74”) Star delta start

Scoring Saw: 2 HP 200mm (6.37”) 80mm 4200 RPM

Saw Carriage Speeds: Feed Return 0 to 150 m/min (0 to 492 ft/min) 150 m/min (492 ft/min)

Pusher Speeds: Forward Reverse 0 to 120m/min (0 to 394 ft/min) 120 m/min (394 ft/min)

Number of clamps 10 Operating air pressure 7 ATM (95 - 105 PSI)

Operating system Monitor Windows XP Professional 17” Flat Panel

Fixed air flotation table with left side fences and an individual blower motor, 2500 x 600 mm (98”x 23”)

Three (3) mobile air flotation tables with the individual blower motors, 1500 x 600 mm (59” x 23”)

Cutting depth of 4300 mm (169”)

Quick-change blade system for main and scoring blades

Grooving with manual height adjustment - Max. height 35mm

Rack and pinion drive system for the saw carriage

Electronic adjustment of the scoring blade

Saw carriage with independent raising/lowering of the main and scoring blades. Includes automatic exclusion of the scoring blade when the motor is in the “off” position

Optimized height adjustment of the main blade and pressure beam according to the thickness being cut

High-speed option for saw carriage 0-150m/min and pusher 120m/min

Electronic control of their pusher positioning through a magnetic strip


Weight: 25000 lbs
Rigger: Required on selling end
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