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MA ID: RC3-11611
Category: CNC Router (3-axis)
Manufacturer: Nextech
Model: R300 50CD
Year of Manufacture: 2016

5' x 10' Work table and Traveling "Bridge Gantry" with a single-zone stationary aluminum grid "MATRIX" table.

Square grid pattern allows use of vacuum pods or closed cell rope gasketing material and use of spoil boards for "nested base machining".

Pneumatic part location pop-up stops mounted within the table perimeter.

Specifications:Working Field: X-Axis is 126" (3,200 mm); Y-axis is 63" (1,600 mm); Z-axis stroke is 7.8" (200 mm); max. material thickness of 5.1" (130 mm). Positioning Speed: X- & Y-Axis ;2,000 IPM, Z-axis ;780 IPM.

YASKAWA Brushless, high torque AC Servo motor drives control on all axes.

High precision "Rack & Pinion" system in X- & Y-axis & ground ball screw Z-axis.

All components ride on THK precision profile linear guide ways.

Boring unit   HSD Drilling Head,;3 HP (2.2 kW), variable speed from 4,500 - 8,000 RPM motor.

(9) Independent vertical spindles on 32 mm centers, (5) spindles in X-axis & (4) spindles in Y-axis.

Spindle and ATC (1) 12 HP (9 kW) HSD Air cooled electro spindle with HSK F63 adaptor; variable spindle speeds from 1,500 - 24,000 RPM. (1) 8-Position ATC rotary tool magazine located at the back of the gantry and traveling with the X-Axis.

Operator & Machine Control  OSAI  Industrial PC Front-End with:
Windows "7" operating system; 17" high resolution LCD flat-screen; ergonomic keypad; compatible with most CAD/CAM software in the market.

Program & Data transfer via USB ports or downloading by wire is possible ;serial port connections for RS-232, RS-242 & Ethernet adaptor.

OSAI  Control offers incredible list of functions from (a) auto-diagnostic to (z) zooming; controlled acceleration & deceleration, encoder feedback, dynamic tool correction via PLC due to active tool wear using space-and-time criteria.


Shipping Footpring: 25 (length) x 8 (width) x 8 (height)
Weight: 6000 lbs
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