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(ARCHIVED) 2017 SCM 5 by 12 Pratix S15 CNC Router
MA ID: RC3-12713
Category: CNC Router (3-axis)
Manufacturer: SCM (SCMI)
Model: Pratix S15
Year of Manufacture: 2017
Electric Multi volt, cycle, phase

Machine Specifications:

Working area X axis: 3686mm

Working area Y axis: 1555mm

Panel clearance: 150 mm

Feed Speed X-Y axis 35 m/min

10HP Main Spindle w/Tool Change

10 Position Tool Changer

Boring Head Spindles: 11 vertical Spindles

Twin Vacuum Pumps

Shipping Footpring: 25 (length) x 8 (width) x 8 (height)
Weight: 15000 lbs
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